Live Events

Sunday, Dec. 17
7 PM

Arm-Mex Comedy & Food

A Brandy-exclusive comedy show and Arm-Mex fusion kitchen VIP event, in collaboration with Comic Jack Jr. (Assadourian) and Chef Ara Zada.

Jack Assadourian is a comedian of Armenian and Mexican descent who has gained popularity for his unique perspective and hilarious observations on life. He often incorporates his multicultural background into his stand-up routine, sharing stories and experiences that resonate with audiences from different backgrounds.

Ara is a Chef, Author, TV Personality, and Content Creator. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Ara spent most of his younger years skateboarding and snowboarding though he always had his heart in the kitchen. He attended culinary school at Le Cordon Bleu and built a career as a Chef diving into many ethnic cultures, including Armenian.